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How do I order a book at Ouranos?
To be able to place an order, you must create an account. It is possible to create an account while ordering.
Do I receive a track-and-trace code?
You will receive a track-and-trace code from PostNL immediately after payment. On the website which is mentioned in the email, you can look up when your package will be delivered.
How much are the delivery charges?
Ouranos charges €1,95 per delivery, regardless of the size of the order.
Who delivers my package?
Boekhandel Dominicanen mails the books. Delivery is done by PostNL.
Do I have to be a member to be able to order?
You must be a member to be able to buy textbooks with a discount. Not a member yet? You can sign up while ordering.
How long does it take for my book to be delivered?
Books which we have in stock are delivered the next working day. That is why we can deliver almost all textbooks very quickly. If we don't have the books in stock, delivery of Dutch textbooks takes 2 and delivery of non-Dutch textbooks takes 3 working days; apart from exceptions.
Ouranos will always inform you if your book delivery takes longer than expected.

For questions, please mail to . We are always ready to help.
I have not received my delivery yet, what can I do?
You can check on our website under 'account' whether your order has been sent or if it's still being processed.
If your order has been sent according to our website, but you still haven't received it, please check the delivery status using the track-and-tracecode you've received in your mailbox. If you still haven't received anything 3 days after your order has been sent, you can email .
To be of service as fast as possible, we request that you mention your order number in your email. Please also specify that you ordered via Ouranos.
Which payment methods are available?
At Ouranos, you can use Ideal or credit card to pay for your textbooks online.

Where can I find information about my invoices and payments?
You can review your invoices and the state of your orders under my account. Have you forgotten your password? Request a new password via reset password..

How long does it take for my payment to get processed?
We process your Ideal payment directly. It will be stated on your invoice whether you have paid. You will also receive an email from your bank.

I would like to have a copy of the invoice. Where can I find it?
You can download a copy from mijn account.

Can I still change the information on my invoice?
You can't change information on the invoice by yourself. For a changed invoice, you can contact us via email.

I have returned a product or cancelled my order. When will my money be refunded?
Ouranos strives to refund money from returns and cancelled orders as fast as possible. If you haven't received your money after a week, you can send an email mentioning your name and the title of the book. Please also specify that it concerns an order via Ouranos.
How do I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order during the ordering process. Remove the books from your shopping cart to do so. Have you already completed your payment and would you like to cancel? Contact Ouranos if this is the case. Please mention your order data in this email.

I have cancelled my order, but the book still got delivered. What can I do?
If you have received your order despite cancellation, the order was already processed and could not be cancelled anymore. If this is the case, contact Ouranos via email. Please mention your order information in this email.

To successfully return a book, please attach (a copy of) your receipt to your shipment.

Please note: Textbooks can neither be returned during the week prior to the exam nor when the term has finished.

Can I also return my book at the Boekhandel Dominicanen?
Yes, that is possible. Bring your receipt when you visit us. You can return a book if you meet the above requirements.

Which textbooks can I never return?
Apart from technical defects, books which have been sold sealed in and aren't sealed in anymore cannot be returned.
Books containing a code can also not be returned!
We only accept returns if the books are undamaged.

Who pays for the return?
The costs for the return are to be paid by the buyer.
Returns are incurred at the risk for the buyer. This means that Ouranos cannot be held accountable for damage to returned products or returned products getting lost. Because of this, we recommend to always ask for a track-and-trace code.

Do I get refunded automatically when I return an order?
If your return meets the previously stated requirements, you will receive the purchase amount on your bank account. If you return a book in the Boekhandel Dominicanen, you will receive a coupon with unlimited validity. Textbooks can ONLY be returned after consultation and with permission from a Boekhandel Dominicanen employee.

I bought a textbook, but I am not continuing my study. Can I return it?
You can only return textbooks if you can demonstrate that you are quitting your study. Please bring your receipt(s). The books must be in perfect condition. Ouranos charges 20% return costs.
Ouranos offers a low-price-guarantee for purchases prior to and during the term in which the textbook is needed. If you can demonstrate that the textbook is being sold for a lower price at a different (online) bookstore in the Netherlands, you will receive the price difference from Ouranos. So-called third-party deliveries (deliveries where an online bookstore different from the bookstore you visited is involved; this third party delivers the book) are excluded from this guarantee.

Ouranos offers a money-back-guarantee for purchases prior to and during the term in which the textbook is needed. This guarantee only applies if the teacher has made clear that the book is not needed at all. Ouranos retains the right to verify information with your teacher.

Can I discuss these guarantees at the Boekhandel Dominicanen?
Yes, that is possible. Please bring your receipt when visiting us. You do have to meet the above requirements.
I don't have an account yet, how do I make one?
During the ordering process, you can enter your address as well as indicate whether you are a Ouranos member. You can become a member online. Ouranos will contact you afterwards to complete your membership. You can always review or change your account information via Account information on this website.

I've forgotten my password. What can I do?
Via Forgotten password on this website, you can request a new password easily. After entering your email address, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

I've moved, where can I enter my new address?
You can change your information via Account information. Would you like to change the delivery address of your recent order? In this case, contact the Boekhandel Dominicanen. Please mention your order information when contacting us.
I'm using a different email address, where can I change it?
You can change your account information during your next order, or directly via Account information.
Which textbooks should I buy at Ouranos?
Only the textbooks that you need for your study. The information on this site is selected specifically for Ouranos members. Members can rest assured that our information on textbooks is right.

As a member of Ouranos, can I also buy at the Boekhandel Dominicanen?
Members of Ouranos get the same discount on non-Dutch textbooks at the Boekhandel Dominicanen as at Ouranos. You get 5% off all Dutch textbooks, provided you purchase 2 different Dutch textbooks.

Im going to follow a subject, but it isn't mentioned on the Ouranos website. What can I do?
For some subjects, no books are prescribed. Those subjects are not mentioned on our website. It is possible that there are no books for a certain subject on our site, while there are prescribed books for that subject. We'd like to hear it via:

I would like to buy all my textbooks at once, is that possible?
You can buy all your textbooks at once, but we advise against it. It is both very expensive and risky, because the prescribed literature may change. Additionally, textbooks can be replaced by newer editions. This means that you may buy the wrong book, or that you may buy a book which you don't need at all. Only order books for the upcoming term to be guaranteed to get the right books!

I need a syllabus; can I buy one at Ouranos?
Syllabi are sold by the Boekhandel Dominicanen and (often) online via this site. These syllabi and readers are ordered by the teachers or supervisors of a course. They inform the printer about the number of syllabi that has to be printed. The Boekhandel Dominicanen sells syllabi to students and mails them in the form of online orders. We do not offer discounts on syllabi.

Can I check whether a syllabus is in stock?
Syllabi and readers are only in stock when you can order them via this site. If they aren't online, we don't have them in stock (yet).

I heard that a syllabus is out of stock. Can I order syllabi?
The Boekhandel Dominicanen and Ouranos don't take up orders for syllabi which are out of stock. Teachers or supervisors inform the printer about the number of syllabi that has to be printed. We do inform the teachers or supervisors when a certain syllabus is out of stock. It's best to contact the teacher yourself to ask if there is an appropriate solution and if there will be a reprint.
How much reduction do I get on my textbooks if I'm a Ouranos member?
As a Ouranos member, you can get great deals on textbooks. For more information, see the paragraph under 'Guarantee'. Buying textbooks from students' unions is always cheaper than elsewhere.
As a Ouranos member, why should I reserve textbooks?
If you reserve textbooks at your students' union, you get 10% off all Dutch textbooks.
This is because of Dutch legislation. If you don't reserve a book in advance, you don't get a 10% discount.

Can I always reserve?
You can only reserve at the start of the term. You will receive your textbooks after the date mentioned on our website.

Under what conditions do I get a discount when I reserve?
Ouranos can only offer the 10% discount if multiple members have reserved the same book. That's why we collect these reservations. If there aren't enough reservations, Ouranos will refund the purchase amount. You can still buy the book without the discount.
Does Ouranos sell second-hand books?
Sure! You can buy second-hand books from other Ouranos members who are selling books.

What price do I pay?
The price differs per book. During the ordering process, you can choose either 'used' or 'intensively used'. In the last case you pay even less, but then the book will contain more markings and notes.

Can I sell textbooks myself?
Yes, that is possible. On this website, you can offer your textbooks for sale. When somebody buys your book, you bring it to the Boekhandel Dominicanen to receive your money quickly. Please read the message you receive after offering carefully.


Onbeschadigde boeken kun je volgens de Wet Koop op Afstand retourneren. Je hebt bij deze wet de verplichting om bij aflevering te onderzoeken of de goederen aan de overeenkomst beantwoorden. De consument kan een overeenkomst met betrekking tot de aankoop van een product gedurende een bedenktijd van 14 dagen zonder opgave van redenen ontbinden. De genoemde bedenktijd gaat in op de dag nadat de consument, of een vooraf door de consument aangewezen derde, die niet de vervoerder is, het product heeft ontvangen.
Als je een boek retour wilt sturen, moet je de aankoopbon (een kopie) meesturen met de zending.

Stuur je aankoopbon mee met de retourzending!

Kan ik een boek ook in de winkel retourneren?
Ja, dat kan. Neem bij je bezoek aan de winkel je aankoopbon mee. Je moet aan hierboven genoemde voorwaarden voldoen om een boek te morgen retourneren.
Als je een boek retour wilt sturen moet je de aankoopbon (een kopie) meesturen met de zending.

Welke studieboeken mag ik nooit retourneren?
Uitgezonderd technische defecten worden boeken die zijn ingeseald verkocht zijn (van plastic verpakking voorzien) en niet meer ingeseald zijn niet retour genomen.
Boeken die voorzien zijn van een code worden nooit retour genomen!
Retourzendingen worden uitsluitend geaccepteerd indien de goederen onbeschadigd zijn.

Wie betaalt de retourkosten?
De kosten voor deze retourzendingen zijn voor eigen rekening.
Retourzendingen zijn voor jouw risico. Dit houdt in dat wij niet aansprakelijk zijn voor het beschadigen of zoekraken van retour gestuurde artikelen. Vraag daarom altijd om een track-en-tracecode.

Krijg ik automatisch mijn geld terug als ik een bestelling retourneer?
Als je retourzending aan bovenstaande voorwaarden voldoet, krijg je het aankoopbedrag terug op je bankrekening. Als je een boek in de winkel komt ruilen, ontvang je contant geld retour. Studieboeken worden ALLEEN na overleg met en na toestemming van een medewerker geruild.

Ik heb een studieboek gekocht, maar ik ga stoppen met mijn studie. Kan ik het studieboek terugbrengen?
Je kunt studieboeken alleen terugbrengen als je kunt aantonen dat je stopt met je studie. Neem je aankoopbon(nen) mee. De boeken moeten in perfecte staat zijn. Wij brengen 20% retourkosten in rekening.

Ik ben nog geen klant, hoe kan ik een account aanmaken?
Tijdens het bestelproces voer je je adresgegevens i. Ben je nog geen klant, dan kun je online klant worden. Je kunt altijd je gegevens inzien en wijzigen via Accountgegevens op deze site.

Ik ben mijn wachtwoord vergeten, wat moet ik doen?
Via Accountgegevens en wachtwoord vergeten op deze website kun je eenvoudig een nieuw wachtwoord opvragen. Na opgave van je emailadres ontvang je per email een link om je wachtwoord opnieuw in te stellen.

Ik ben verhuisd, waar kan ik dit doorgeven?
Je kunt je gegevens wijzigen via accountgegevens. Wil je je recente bestelling ergens anders af laten leveren dan op het adres dat je opgaf bij je bestelling? Neem in dit geval contact met ons op. Vermeld in de communicatie je bestelgegevens.
Ik heb een ander emailadres, waar kan ik dit doorgeven?
Je kunt de volgende keer dat je bestelt je gegevens wijzigen of direct via accountgegevens.

Welke studieboeken moet ik kopen?
Alleen de studieboeken die je nodig hebt voor je opleiding. De informatie op deze site is speciaal voor de studenten in Maastricht samengesteld. Je kunt erop vertrouwen dat de studieboekeninformatie klopt.

Kan ik ook in de winkel kopen?
Je kunt uiteraard ook in onze winkel kopen. Op Nederlandse boeken ontvang je 5% korting bij aankoop van 2 verschillende Nederlandse studieboeken. Op buitenlandse boeken krijg je 10% korting.

Ik ga een vak volgen, maar dat vak staat niet op de website van mijn studievereniging. Wat moet ik nu doen?
Bij sommige vakken worden geen boeken voorgeschreven of wij hebben daarover geen informatie ontvangen. Die vakken staan dan ook niet op onze website. Wij vernemen die vergissing graag via:

Ik wil graag al mijn studieboeken in één keer kopen, kan dat?
Je kunt voor het hele jaar studieboeken kopen, maar wij raden het sterk af. Het is niet alleen duur, maar je neemt dan ook een risico. Soms treden er namelijk wijzigingen op in de voorgeschreven literatuur, of verschijnen er nieuwe edities van boeken. Dit kan dan betekenen dat je het verkeerde boek hebt gekocht, of dat je een boek hebt gekocht dat je helemaal niet nodig hebt. Bestel je boeken per periode, dan zit je altijd goed!

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